We Freeze Dry it. You enjoy it.

At Salt City Treats we have used our experience to create the perfect crunch that we seek in Freeze Dried Candy.  Perfection can not be rushed.  We will always choose quality over quantity.

Wholesale Inquires.

Think our product is a good fit in your business.  Contact us at saltcitytreats@gmail.com for pricing.

Shipped very quickly and before time! They are absolutely amazing! Would definitely buy again!

Etsy customer

Great customer service! My order quantity was shipped wrong and was compensated very kindly. Fast response time and quick to make things right. Plus the skittles... so yummy. I shared my bags with a bunch of people and they looooved it!

Etsy Customer

Saw chrissy teigen raving about these, so had to try!! They did not disappoint!

Etsy Customer

These are better than the non-freeze fried version! So worth it. Great seller too!

Etsy Customer

About Us

Richerd & Becky Clark


Its been a life long dream to own a restaurant.  To keep in "simple" it was decided to open a donut store in American Fork, UT.  Its also a great passion to keep a healthy amount of food storage.  We have always wanted a freeze drier but couldn't justify the cost.  

How do these two go together?  Simple!  Lets make a Skittle Donut.  So how do we do that.  Freeze dried products process down nicely into a powder allowing us to dip the dounts into the powder creating a skittle donut.  How are they?  Tastes just like a Skittle.  Talk about accomplishing two things with one stone.

So the Skittle donuts are a hit.  Who ever knew that we could package them because while the donut is good the Fr-ttles by themselves are also delicious.  Many call them Skittle popcorn,  I couldn't agree more.